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Skin rashes that cause itching can make it impossible to concentrate and go about the daily business of life. GUNA-Dermo 30 ml by Guna is a liquid homeopathic remedy designed to promote temporary relief from itching due to infection of the skin as well as calming skin eruptions and rashes. GUNA-Dermo 30 ml by Guna features a proprietary blend of homeopathic active ingredients, including arsenica album, belladonna, dulcamara, Echinacea angustifolia, melatonin, sulphur and sinactive. This liquid formula is consumed after blending with water and is safe and effective for both adults as well as children over the age of 6.

Adults and children who take GUNA-Dermo 30 ml by Guna as directed can expect to enjoy several valuable health benefits:

Promotes relief from itching caused by skin infections.

Helps to calm skin rashes and irritations.

Aids in alleviating skin dryness and hypersensitivity