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The TruFlora Bio-Cleansing Formula works great to improve the overall probiotic effectiveness. The supplement can be taken alone or along with other probiotics. The formula colonizes intestinal contents to combat the damage done by injurious microorganism. While some yogurts feature probiotic bacteria, we are unable to receive a decent dose of live probiotic cells (represented as colony forming units or CFU) via the acidic stomach into the small intestine. For that reason, we need a supplement to provide a good dose of probiotics. This formula from Master Supplements relieves many of the common problems that we experience due to the lack of probiotics. It is also true that a healthy gut leads to better mental health. Not only the supplement takes care of your digestive tract, it also helps you take care of mood swings and irritability that are caused by digestive disorders. Store the formula in a dry and cool place. Take one capsule every day to benefit from the goodness of probiotics. If you are currently on medication, pregnant or nursing; consult your doctor before using the supplement.