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Camu Camu 120 Capsules PH





Camu Camu's Vitamin C is pure Vitamin C sourced from the Camu Camu plant.


  • Supports a healthy immune system*


What's inside: 

120 Capsules

Recommended dosage: 1-2 Capsules in the morning or when needed


What is Camu Camu?


Camu Camu is another sour berry that is incredibly rich in nutrients, but this one hails from the rainforests of the Amazon instead of India. Once again, outside its native home, you’ll be most likely to find it in powdered form, but if you’re lucky, you might also find juice.

The berries look a bit like un-ripened, greenish-red cherries, but they grow on a shrub in swampy areas, rather than on a large tree. They’re also larger than cherries, closer to the size of a small lemon. 


Camu Camu is mostly famous for its rich Vitamin C content, providing over 750% of your recommended daily intake in a single dose. It should also be recognized and praised for the wide variety of antioxidants packed into these small berries.