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Extraordinary Enzymes 60





Extraordinary Enzymes provides you with protease, cellulase, and lipase — potent enzymes that powerfully support digestion by adapting to a variety of stomach acid pH conditions. It facilitates optimal nutrient absorption and broad relief from digestive discomfort, without promoting after-meal glucose surges. This powerful formula delivers a dynamic mix of 12 different enzymes in all to tackle hard-to-digest foods, including protein, fiber, and fat. Just one capsule before eating supports digestive comfort, even after a large meal.

Benefits at a glance:

Promotes healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption

Unique formula delivers 12 different digestive enzymes

Protease, lipase, and cellulase enzymes adapt to a variety of pH conditions

Does not promote after-meal blood-glucose surges

Facilitates the breakdown of difficult plant fibers