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lGUNA-Kidney 30 ml is a medicinal liquid that may provide relief to people experiencing urinary pain. This Guna product uses a variety of homeopathic ingredients to alleviate unwanted symptoms.


GUNA-Kidney 30 ml contains ononis spinosa, pareira brava, and plantago major, which act as effective diuretics.

Proteus helps people ward off future infections by strengthening the body's resistance. 

Succinicum acidum and methylene blue provide antioxidant support and help to prevent free radical damage. 

The sarsaparilla in this Guna product promotes healthy detoxification. 

GUNA-Kidney 30 ml helps to alleviate the painful symptoms associated with urinary tract infections and inflammation. It may help to reduce bladder pain and the frequency of urination. This Guna product is recommended for people searching for a homeopathic way to improve urinary health.