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GUNA-React 8 gms by Guna is a product that relieves the symptoms associated with the flu or tonsillitis. The product is used for infective-based inflammatory pathologies in the initial phase. There are a wide variety of benefits that are experienced from using GUNA-React 8 gms by Guna. These benefits include:

Stimulates the immune system 

Stimulated the cell mediated field

Aims at microphage function

Prevents body invasion of harmful microorganisms

GUNA-React 8 gms by Guna is a product that combines a wide range of active ingredients to ultimately provide relief for symptoms that a person may experience due to the flu or tonsillitis. Despite what type of symptoms you may be experiencing due to these two issues, GUNA-React 8 gms is a product that works effectively by having the ability to stimulate the immune system and block out any harmful microorganisms that are trying to enter the body.