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GUNA-Rerio 30 ml is a supplement that may provide relief from the symptoms caused by chronic illnesses. This homeopathic remedy from Guna uses rerio fish extract to combat the discomfort associated with debilitating illness.


GUNA-Rerio 30 ml may help people with chronic illness regain energy and endurance. 

The rerio fish extract used in this Guna product is an antioxidant, and it helps to protect the body from unwanted free radical damage. 

The rerio fish extract is collected from zebra fish at different stages of embryonic development. 

The extract may help restore damaged cells to a normal level of differentiation, which can improve energy levels and more. 

GUNA-Rerio 30 ml harnesses the power of zebra fish to provide effective support for symptoms related to long term illnesses. This Guna medicine is recommended for people who feel weak or lethargic as a result of a chronic or debilitating malady.