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HOMOZON© is an Oxygen Therapy product designed for internal use. It is a compound of Oxygen and beneficial gases bonded to magnesium in which the magnesium atoms form a loose lattice onto which much Oxygen is bonded by a proprietary catalytic process and released by catalysts. The health benefitting action is derived from the presence of magnesium peroxide, magnesium super-oxide and magnesium ozonide. Homozon© provides Oxygen to the body in the form of Nascent or "singlet" Oxygen (also called the Oxygen free-radical) which does not have to be converted by the body into a form (atmospheric Oxygen . . . O2 . . . ) we normally breathe. Nascent Oxygen is Oxygen in it's most freely, available and active chemical state, and is the only state of Oxygen the body uses. It is the basic gentle Oxidizing preparation of Oxygen-Therapy-Blass©. It is a mild laxative, recommended for all ailments due to constipation or faulty assimilation, metabolism or elimination.