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Lycopene 20mg 60 Softgels




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Lycopene is a carotenoid that’s responsible for giving tomatoes their bright red color. It may also play several roles in managing overall health. Lycopene 20 mg by Pure Encapsulations is a convenient source of this antioxidant compound; antioxidants strive to fight off free radicals and protect your cells from possible damage.

Lycopene 20 mg may work to provide support for the blood vessels located in the neck and around the heart. At the same time‚ this lycopene supplement might help maintain healthy prostate function in men.

Every Lycopene 20 mg softgel provides 20 milligrams of this substance. In addition to promoting prostate and cardiovascular health‚ lycopene’s benefits may also extend to the eyes‚ lungs‚ and digestive system.