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Ocudyne II





Folate can be found in a variety of naturally occurring foods—such as leafy‚ green vegetables and egg yolks—but if you’re unable to adequately get your necessary dose through your diet alone‚ Allergy Research Group’s OcuDyne II can help.

Ocudyne II is a completely vegetarian dietary supplement that has been to not only provide your recommended folate dosage but also contribute a whole host of other important minerals and vitamins necessary for your health. This supplement has a more complex and well-rounded formula than its previous incarnation‚ OcuDyne. OcuDyne II contains the following:

5-Methyltetrahydro folate— supports wound healing‚ improves red blood cell functioning‚ and improves mood.

Tocotrienols—members of the vitamin E family that have naturally occurring antioxidant properties‚ as well as the ability to neutralize damaging free radicals.

Chromium and magnesium—minerals that aid metabolism and support cardiovascular health.