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Osteo Vegan 180 Vegetable Capsules




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Osteo Vegan™ is an advanced‚ professional grade‚ plant-sourced calcium and bone support formula exclusively available through healthcare professionals. The highly specialized plant calcium in Osteo Vegan™ is micronized to ensure optimal absorption by delivering the perfect particle size. It is a certified organic whole food with over 70 naturally occurring trace minerals and phytonutrients. Since the calcium in this formula is an all-natural‚ GRAS certified‚ plant-derived whole food‚ it does not have the potential negative effects on arterial calcification that non-food based calcium supplements have. Additionally‚ NuMedica® has selected a proprietary‚ clinically effective plant-derived form of D3‚ instead of the most common source‚ lanolin (sheep’s wool). D3 is essential for bone health and intestinal calcium absorption. Osteo Vegan™ includes an all trans-natural‚ patented form of K2 as MK7 to support the body’s ability to utilize calcium in the bloodstream. Patented Albion® magnesium is included for its superior absorption compared to other forms such as magnesium carbonate. This formula contains a broad spectrum of other bone-supporting nutrients and utilizes a proprietary blend of AstraGin® and BioPerine® the latest in Enhanced Absorption Technologies™‚ for maximum effectiveness. For best results‚ use with NuMedica’s OsteoV SC‚ an essential bone support formula.