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Red Desert Clay 2lbs




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The intention of the Red Desert Clay is to assist in removing toxins to help build healthy tissues by re-mineralizing the cells and building bone strength.Although we cannot avoid all toxins, the Red Desert Clay will help reduce the toxic burden, and supply minerals to nourish our cells. Remember your cells are the building blocks of your body. If your cells are healthy, you are healthy.

Detoxification: If you are currently under chemotherapy or radiation treatments, calcium montmorillonite clay will likely contradict with your treatment, for its job is to pull poisons out of the body. This high quality clay is often used after these types of treatments – but always check with your doctor. 

Acid reflux symptoms – Edible calcium montmorillonite clay (it must be edible) will often neutralize the overly acidic situation in the stomach which is often termed Acid Reflux. The majority of acid reflux symptoms are caused by the continual consumption of an overly acidic diet. Eating a little Red Desert® Clay will usually neutralize the symptoms quickly and with a little knowledge and information you can reverse most acid reflux problems completely. 

Cysts – Cysts that develop such as ganglion cysts, are often an accumulation of toxins, which build up in specific areas of the body. There are certain premium calcium montmorillonites that have an abundance of negatively charged ions, and very very tiny particle sizes which can permeate into the bloodstream and scavenge out these toxins, often dissolving the cyst.

Bone Loss / Building Bone Strength – We need calcium, however calcium alone will not build strong bones unless it is taken with adequate amounts of magnesium, boron and plenty of silica in the natural form, Vitamin D3 and exercise. Magnesium must be present to break down the calcium so it can be properly assimilated. If you do not have the required magnesium, the calcium is not available to enter the bones and usually builds up as calcium deposits i.e. kidney stones, arterial plaque, gallstones, arthritis etc.