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Total Vegan 14 Servings




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Treat yourself to high protein with Total Vegan® from NuMedica®. This advanced formulation brings together 5 vegan protein sources‚ pea‚ hemp‚ chia‚ rice‚ and cranberry‚ to offer a balanced amino acid supplement.

This ground-breaking formula from NuMedica® is designed to support immune health‚ digestive health‚ skeletal health‚ body composition‚ and optimal detoxification. With branched-chain amino acid profiles‚ protein from rice and pea could support muscle growth and maintenance. Hemp protein packs in high concentration of edestin that could boost antibody production. Protein-rich chia could boost endurance and give a sense of fullness to curb overeating‚ thereby preventing unnecessary weight gain. Antioxidant-rich cranberry is revered for its effects on urinary system.

The formula comes with added L-glutamine and taurine‚ which may particularly benefit athletes and those who are looking forward to lean muscle development. AlgaeCal® could offer ocean algae to provide calcium‚ magnesium and trace minerals to support bone health. Suma root along with arabinogalactans could support digestion and immune response.