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Unique E Tocotrienol 90 Softgels




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UNIQUE E® Tocotrienols provides high-delta and high-gamma tocotrienols‚ without alpha-tocopherols. This is because unlike other vitamin E supplements that are manufactured from rice bran oil or palm oil‚ UNIQUE E® Tocotrienols are Delta-Gold® tocotrienols derived from the annatto bean. Every softgel capsule provides 125 milligrams of tocotrienols‚ which is the highest concentration available on the market. This includes 90 percent delta-T3 and 10 percent gamma-T3. Delta-tocotrienol may be absorbed more easily by cellular membranes.

Potential benefits of tocotrienols include help maintaining healthy arterial walls‚ which protects the vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to wherever else in the body it is needed. In addition‚ they may also promote tissue and cell growth and repair.