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Cancer Treatment Breakthrough





Today we are at a defining moment in our understanding of how to approach and treat cancer. Using non-toxic therapies with confirmed anticancer properties can efficiently optimize chemotherapy. Cytotoxic chemotherapy has become more and more questionable, leaving oncology in a desperate search for new options. A new vision in treating cancer is called "Immuno-Oncology" Immuno-body's own immune defense.

Oncology is attracting attention now with a totally different approach utilizing the Cancer Treatment Breakthrough explains in detail the mechanisms of our immune system, especially with the discovery of the importance of Natural Killer (NK) cells, known as our first line of defense against cancer. Cancer patients have lower NK cell activity compared to healthy individuals, and it must be restored.

This book offers a complete approach, including alternative diagnostic methods such as Live Blood Analysis, Oxidative Dried Blood testing, and a new option focusing on molecular markers testing. A comprehensive approach to diet and supplements, along with reports of some of the best cases from the author's clinic, complete this presentation of a new approach to cancer.